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Massage in Nelson and Glade, BC

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, and tense?

Massage can help relieve tense muscles, encourage healing at a cellular level, and leave you feeling relaxed and ready for your next adventure! I’m excited to work with you and your goals!


For Relaxation

Relaxation and Hot Stone massages are excellent for rejuvenating your body and mind.

For Injuries

Deep tissue massage can promote healing and relieve the tension and misalignment that led to injury.


For Alignment

Using multiple modalities and personalized home care we can work together for optimal health.

Relaxation is the key to integrating deep massage. It's important for your body to let go!

Brittanya Beddington


massage and wellness

Deep Tissue Massage

Each deep tissue massage is tailored to you, your body, and how you are feeling on that day. Deep work is done primarily using myofascial release, cross fibre friction and trigger point therapy; while each treatment is combined with relaxing work to help the body integrate the work done. Joint mobilization, active assisted stretching, and detailed home care are also used to improve your sessions and overall health where they will help. Brittanya specializes in neck, back, and shoulder issues, but is happy to work with what you need on that day.
Find relief and be ready to let go.

Equine Massage

Brittanya began her massage career by working on horses. She graduated from the 2 year Equine Sport Therapy program at the BC College of Equine Therapy, which focused on massage and other holistic therapies for horses. Brittanya still practices equine massage and is available to work on your horse in the West Kootenays upon request. She currently has 2 horses and 30 years of equine experience including breeding, training, breaking, competing, trail riding, and lessons.
The ultimate way to help your mount is to combine this with a massage for yourself.

Relaxation Massage

This massage will draw your body and mind into a state of relaxation using time tested Swedish Relaxation techniques to soothe you. Effleurage, petrissage, friction...all of these technical words can be summed up in one: melting. Your body will be melting into relaxation. Everything about this massage is set up to help you release and let go. Swedish Massage has been scientifically proven to improve sleep, increase immunity, and relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Not to mention the state of well-being you will be in at the end.
Take care of yourself with regular relaxation massages.

Aromatherapy Massage

Combine the healing power of massage with the sensory depths of aromatherapy. This session begins with an over-the-phone interview to decide what to address with aromatherapy oils. A custom blend is made for you and applied via Swedish Massage to either an area of focus or your entire body. This session is all about you and what you need, so come and relax while the 100% pure essential oils do their work.

Restorative Hot Stone Massage

This massage will envelope you in the warmth and healing energy of heated basalt stones while your mind wanders into the realm of complete relaxation. While you are enjoying the deepest levels of relaxation your body will be healing through increased circulation, regulation of blood pressure, release of tension, and more. This massage is excellent for autoimmune issues like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as for straight up deep relaxation.
Treat yourself to the ultimate massage.

Private Yoga

Your body was made to move, but each body is unique. One type of yoga practice will not work for every body and a private yoga session will help to pinpoint your areas of tightness, tension, and weakness so that you can adjust your practice. Private yoga can be used to work towards goals (headstand, freer backbends, etc), to relieve specific areas of tension, or to create a home yoga practice tailored to your body.
Groups or individuals are welcome.


For massage in Nelson and Glade

Nelson Rates

1 Hour Massage – $85

1.5 Hour Massage $115

Hot Stone Massage – $140

Other treatment lengths available.

Glade Rates

1 Hour Massage – $65

1.5 Hour Massage – $95

Hot Stone Massage – $125

Other treatment lengths available.

About Me

You couldn't be in better hands

Brittanya Beddington


I started my massage journey way back when I was a wee child, giving my Grandma the worst tiny handed, pokey-fingered, dirt encrusted shoulder squeezes…and she always encouraged them, no matter the consequences. She was a smart lady, and later on I was able to give her real therapeutic massages to help the same tension she had shouldered all of her life.

Fast forward twenty years or so: I wanted to follow my passion of working with horses. After raising, training, competing, and breeding horses I wanted to gain a lifelong career that didn’t require the nasty bits of being a veterinarian. This lead me to a two year Equine Sport Therapy Program where I learned massage and a whole host of holistic modalities for horses. Over time I found that whenever I questioned the riders and owners more closely, I would find that the issue the horse was having, as also an issue the rider was having. Pastern pain and heel pain, hip problems, back pain, emotional stress…it was all coming from the rider/owner. I started to see that maybe I could do more good treating the owners and riders, thereby treating all of the horses they rode, and maybe even all of the animals in the household.
This lead me to human massage and a two year (2200 hour) massage therapy program in Alberta. Since 2010 I have been treating a whole range of issues and providing space for healing through relaxation. I believe that the body is more able to accept deep work and heal itself when it is able to relax, so my treatments are always a combination of types of massage. Relaxation itself is deeply healing, but I am often sought out for the deeper massage work that I do. I am also hoping to being offering treatments that incorporate work with horses soon! I specialize in neck, back, and shoulder work, but am happy to work with whatever you need on that day.
These days I offer massage from my home in Glade while my 1 year old is napping. The space is quiet and relaxing, a hidden oasis. Inside the dogs sleep on their beds and outside the horses relax together while the ducks quack along in a line across the driveway. You’ll enter our home and find yourself tucked into a professional spa room. I love sharing the peace and quiet of our little farm with everyone who comes for a massage. Here and there I also offer massage out of a space just outside of Nelson.
For now, I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your path to feeling great!
Much love,

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Glade Location

1002 Division Road
Glade, BC 
P: 1-250-551-5143

Nelson Location

125 Hall Street
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P: 1-250-551-5143


What Clients Say

Kind words from awesome clients

"Brittanya gave me the best massage I have had in years. Her bright smile, reasonable prices, and expert knowledge and skills have left me relaxed for days afterwards."
Rebecca Maybank
"Brittanya is a supremely skilled and sensitive practitioner. I have had many treatments with her and for every one she has provided exactly what I needed; whether it was a specific issue or that I just needed a calm space to relax and reconnect with myself. She's a gem!"
Nadine Hawryluk
"Brittanya is a fantastic treatment provider. She has excellent knowledge of the body and knows how to tailor a treatment to any specific concerns that I’ve had. The massage studio is very peaceful and relaxing. I highly recommend (Brittanya) to anyone looking for massage treatments."
Andrea Cooper

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